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SAT/ACT Tutoring and Teaching


Dave has been tutoring the SAT and the ACT since they were published on

stone tablets. 


Test preparation is about three things - technique - content - and strategy. 


Dave's style ensures the student will achieve his or her maximum possible score. It's that simple. 


Standardized tests are just that - standardized. A proper approach ensures maximum performance on these ever-important exams. Students will know exactly what to expect, exactly how to proceed, and exactly how to shine. 


We offer free diagnostic exams to determine if the SAT or ACT is best for you. Call for the next scheduled date. 


We are ready for the NEW SAT. 


Dave's score gain averages are triple the national average. Go for it. 


Private in-home and small group classroom lessons available. 


Dave also teaches seminars for other teachers/tutors who wish to teach using his methods through the combination of his Teacher's Edition and Student Workbook. Write or call for more information. 





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